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for hands, skin, mouth & more

for hands, skin, mouth & more

kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds

kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds

dodge the dirt & give it a squirt!


tubelube is London’s revolutionary multi-purpose hygiene spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds!!

Navigating London’s streets, transport services, offices and eateries is one of the things we all just sign up to when in London.  The exhilarating non-stop flow is a fundamental essence of what the city is about.

However, London also offers up a dazzling array of harmful bacteria.  It’s just the way it is when 8 million people interact in such close proximity.

We’d therefore like to introduce London’s very own bacteria busting sanitiser!

tubelube contains just water and hypochlorous acid – a naturally occurring anti-viral/anti-bacterial that is produced by your body’s own immune system!  It’s therefore a product that is completely safe to humans as it won’t expose your skin to any nasty chemicals or alcohol like most other hygiene sanitisers do.

Our product is compliant to BS EN 1500 (hand sanitiser) and BS EN 1276 (disinfectant).

tubelube is available across the whole of London in many independent kiosks, boutique gift shops, pharmacies, health shops and coffee outlets.  High street RRP: £2.99 – 3.49

You can also find our funky looking sanitiser in the following high street and online stores:  Scribbler, Amazon and Beauty Base.

Available in multi-packs of 3, 6 or 10 - Free UK Delivery!

electrified hygiene

tubelube is electrolysed water and is a dermatologically and clinically tested antibacterial that literally stops germs in their London tracks!

tubelube contains pure and stabilised Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) – a naturally occurring anti-bacterial the human body produces whenever it comes under attack from bacteria and germs.  It causes the white blood cells to charge down any invading micro-nasties and send them packing into oblivion.

As Hypochlorous is naturally produced by your body, tubelube is therefore in perfect harmony with your skin and tissue and can be used as frequently as you need.

So whether you are heading to work, grabbing a bite to eat or sitting in front of your desk, tubelube is an amazingly pure and super charged skin and surface anti-bacterial that will help you avoid getting sick from the ingestion of harmful germs.


not your average hand sanitiser


tubelube's pureness and versatility means your pocket sized punky looking bottle can be used for many other day to day hygienic, care and cleaning requirements.

Instantly remove any harmful germs that have built up on your hands and body from your day’s travel and work escapades.  Spray our magical mist approx. 6 inches away from the area, rub in and let it dry naturally.

tubelube performs as an excellent on-the-go mouth cleanser, killing many of the bacteria that cause bad breath and/or disease.  Just spray, swizzle and then find an appropriate place to spit out.

As tubelube is benign to human tissue and skin, it can be used as a fantastic cleanser and sanitiser inside and around the eyes and ears.​

Decontaminate any fruit or veg prior to taking a bite!  As long as your food is of a hard-ish type surface such as an apple, a peach or a celery stick etc then just give it a few sprays until it is suitably covered, rub in and then wipe away until dry.​

Kill any harmful germs that may have engrained themselves into the many day to day items your body is exposed to such as your toothbrush bristles, your clothes, furniture, aeroplane head rest, your car seat…etc.  Spray liberally depending on size of target / item. 

Spray onto your desk, tv remote control, chopping board, steering wheel, coffee cup lid, toys, mobile phone, door handle, baby’s dummy, snorkel, cutlery, armrest, loo seat and the list goes on as much as your imagination will allow it.  Spray your target until covered then wipe away or allow to dry naturally. ​

Before you spray onto any area, make sure the surface is free from debris eg: dust / muck etc.

Although tubelube is completely benign to human skin and tissue, if for some rare reason you experience a reaction from it please stop using it and do let us know!

spread the word not the germs

Frequently asked questions

Definitely yes!  

The nature of our product means it is completely benign to your skin or tissue so you can use it as much as you like in the knowledge that it’s completely friendly to you but a constant killer of any harmful germs your skin may come into contact with.  A skin-win you might say! 

No, tubelube has no age limitations and is safe on the skin from birth.  It has been dermatologically and clinically proven to be suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

tubelube is endorsed by Allergy UK.

tubelube’s product is also registered under the European Cosmetic Regulations.    

tubelube is proudly manufactured in the UK.

tubelube is best stored at room temperature and below 25 degrees centigrade. It must not be stored in direct sunlight / high temperatures.  It’s shelf life can also be preserved if kept in the refrigerator when not in use.

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